Expo Info for Students

Info for Students

The Capstone Design Expo provides an incredible opportunity to showcase your project to prospective employers, investors and the public. Here are some quick tips to get you set up for a great first impression! The following information is for Sumer 2018 semester.


  1. Register for the Expo: http://expo.gatech.edu/login
    1. Deadline: 11:59pm  of 22nd June, 2018
    2. The quick help guide for expo registration is here
    3. Send any technical questions about the website to webmaster[at]capstone.gatech.edu
  2. Prepare your pitch/presentation; link to some helpful materials is here
  3. Review the Expo judging rubric
  4. Review the common FAQ below:
    1. What is the dress code?
      Wear whatever you need to be successful. Most teams will be in business attire, but few also wear custom/themed attires including custom t-shirts. Your team will be judged by industry experts, alumni, faculty and sponsors.
      Dress to impress!
    2. By when should our team be ready to present?
      4:30pm sharp!
    3. What awards are given away at the expo?
      1. 1st Prize: $700 Award to Team
      2. 2nd Prize: $300 Award to Team
    4. Have more questions?
      • Send them to expo[at]capstone.gatech.edu